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What is Reiki

Reiki is deeply relaxing and enables deep seated emotional attitudes to be released. In some cases, this may be followed by a period of reflection and transition while a highlighted emotional issue is worked through. Ultimately, this enables the development of an improved ability to express positive emotions. When Reiki is received regularly it promotes a more positive and joyful outlook and enhances the body's inbuilt energy reserves.

How does Reiki energy work?

The translation of the Japanese term Reiki is 'Universal Life Energy' and it is this that forms the focus of Reiki's, capabilities. There are no positive or negative energy forms, just beneficial effects arising from enhancing the various energy levels in the body. The Reiki Master accesses these, allowing the person to take the Reiki energy into themselves, with beneficial effects. Essentially, it is the person who unconsciously decides how much energy they need. As a result, they always receives the optimum amount for their individual requirements.

What treatment is used?

During the session the person will lie down and relax while the practitioner gently places their hands in various positions on the body or close to it (in the person's aura). During the process the person usually feels a sensation of relaxing heat, radiating from the Reiki Master's hands. It is not uncommon to fall asleep during such a session! However, dependent on the Reiki energies used, the person may also feel a delicious tingling or a gentle breeze, and may see colours or smell a delicate fragrance. Sometimes they will receive an intuitive understanding about a situation that has been causing concern or they may gain a deep, inner knowledge about an aspect of themselves.

What are the different forms of Reiki

There are several different kinds of Reiki energy. Some particularly significant ones are Usui (Japanese), Tibetan and Seichem (Egyptian). Together, they use all the four Elemental Healing Rays: Earth, Fire, Water and Angelic-Air.

Usui Reiki: Usui Reiki uses grounding earth energies to support you and promote emotional growth. This is so relaxing that people often fall asleep during a Reiki session.

Tibetan Reiki: This is a lovely energy which is very protective and super to use when dealing with negative or invasive energies. Tibetan Reiki is thus an excellent tool for clearing away these negative energies leaving you safe and protected.

Seichem: An amazing therapy using hands-on healing and aura work, including Angelic light weaving, to make wonderful changes in your physical body and your energy system. Seichem uses the light sparkling Earth, Water, Fire and Angelic-Air energies, to aid your wellbeing.

Q5 Reiki: Provides a structured approach which hones the focus of the Reiki energies to maximise their impact, acting to accelerate the healing process of the treatment received.

Angelic Reiki: Enables the Angelic Realm to have direct access to us as human beings. Thus when you receive Angelic Reiki you are accessing the wonderful harmonising energies of the angels, bringing comfort, love and harmony exactly where you need it.

How can Reiki help you?

Regular Reiki sessions will support and enhance the body's natural energy reserves. Reiki is helpful in many different ways including:
* Aiding recovery after illness,
* Relaxing and de-stressing,
* Reducing pain and speeding healing,
* Promoting self-development and personal growth,
* Enabling emotional healing,
* Optimising the beneficial effects of other therapies.

Do you need to be ill to benefit from Reiki?

No. Regular sessions will optimise your health and enhance the body's immune systems.

Can I learn to use and practice Reiki myself?

Yes. You can train with Christine (Click the 'Courses and Workshops' link on the left to find out how). Alternatively, if you want to make an appointment to receive a Reiki session, click on the Bookings link. If you prefer, you can always just call Christine on 0191 2847615 or e-mail her at christinefowler@yahoo.co.uk

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