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Since qualifying in 1998 I have worked as a HK teacher, now working as an Advanced HK practitioner and HK mentor for newly qualified practioners. Below, you will find some typical questions and answers for those who are primarily interested in having an HK therapy session.

What is HK and how does it work?

HK is a wonderful, exciting, life changing system of promoting growth, healing and beneficial change into your life. HK is based on the premise that your body knows what is right for it, and it works in the body's energy system. To discover exactly where in the body's system, changes need to take place, the practitioner applies a gentle pressure to one of your muscles and then, she monitors the response. This indicates where the stress on the body's system is located. The information is then used by the practitioner to identify the required treatment.

What does a session involve?

There are no set sessions, so if you and your friend both come with the same set of concerns you would probably go away having received completely different sessions. But you are both different people, and what has happened in each of your lives, which has led you both to develop those concerns is different, so what you both require to deal with the concerns will be different. You see, HK brings the added benefit that it is your body that decides what it wants so that each session is personalised.

What kind of problems does HK treat?

Well anything really, as it treats the person not just the concerns. How I see people is that we are like onions, we have lots of layers. Some layers make us cry and others can make us laugh, whilst others can cause problems which adversely impact on us. HK gets to the right layer at the right time to tackle what ever the issue or concern is for the person. By working in this way I have successfully worked with people from very young babies, to people in their 80s.

What about the different kinds of HK?

Health Kinesiology: Do you want to know exactly what your body wants? If so, then this is the therapy for you. HK allows your body to decide what it wants. This produces profound effects at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Spectrum Healing: Like Health Kinesiology, Spectrum Healing uses muscle testing to access information from the body. It uses the helping power of creative activity, movement, imagination, visualisation, meditation and so on, to enable you to move forward with your life and gain the harmony and balance that you truly need.

Assimilation Kinesiology: Several therapies engage in energy balancing. However, it is important that the changes made do not just remain in the aura, but are transmitted down into the physical body for you to feel it's benefit. Assimilation Kinesiology does just that, ensuring that you get the full benefits from the work done.

What do previous clients say?

"I am no longer just existing but living my life again" F.T.

"It's a miracle beyond my wildest dreams" Judith Dobson

How can I make an Appointment?

Contact me by phone or email for a therapy appointment (you can start your email by just clicking my email address in the column on the left of this screen). To find directions click on the 'Booking' link to the left. Alternatively, if you would like to learn more, you can always attend one of my course (in this case, click the link for 'Courses and Workshops' on the left of this page).

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