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What is The Bowen Technique?

Bowen provides, in effect, 'a wake up call' for the body, encouraging the body to move towards harmony and balance. This promotes ease, recovery of energy, and improved functioning in a gentle and relaxing way.

What treatment is involved?

The practitioner makes precise gentle moves over specific nerve and muscle junctions. The aim is to disturb the soft tissue, muscles and energy flow in the body to provide its 'wake up call'. This draws the body's attention to the area and triggers it to commence it's own recovery process. As part of the treatment the client is left alone from time to time to absorb the moves which have been made. This allows the body to make the fine adjustments which aid the relief of discomfort and tension as it begins the recovery process. Each time the practitioner returns, she reassesses the changes made, before making the next move. This constant process of reassessment ensures a personalised approach, specifically designed for your individual body's needs.

What can the Bowen Technique safely work on?

Bowen is so gentle that it is safe to use it to aid recovery, for any age group. It has been used successfully to treat babies and 80 year olds. Go to the Bowen web site (click on 'Useful Links' to the left of this screen) for more details of research confirming its effectiveness.

Some examples of previous successes:

Advertising Standards do not allow me to detail diseases, symptoms even when they are direct quotes from grateful clients.

Sports Injury (man 42 years): After one treatment for a chronic problem due to an incident on the football field he experienced a noticeable lessening of his discomfort. He told me that 'It is the best money I have ever spent.'

Multiple problems (woman 60's): After a series of treatments she told me 'It's wonderful; it's the first time I've been discomfort free in 15 years". She went on to receive occasional maintenance treatments.

Do you need to prepare before you come?

Yes, there are things that you need to do or be aware of before you come. These are:
* No other physical therapy should take place up to 5 days before, or after, a Bowen session,
* Once a course of Bowen treatment is completed it is best not to have any other physical therapy for 6 weeks. This is to prevent the body becoming overloaded with messages, which may neutralise the effect of the Bowen sessions,
* Light, loose clothing should be worn; no jeans, heavy seams or back pockets and no lycra, or other slippery type material. This includes tights and slips. No boxer shorts,
* Begin to drink a minimum of 2 litres of still water a day, or as much as you can manage. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and fruit juice do not count as water,
* For follow up sessions, a series of exercises may be given. These form part of the treatment and need to be completed as directed.

How long does a treatment take?

The first session lasts about an hour. Subsequent sessions can last anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour but on average they last 45 minutes. In some cases additional therapies may be recommended to complement the work completed and to look more deeply at emotional or other causes of your problem.

How many sessions do I need?

This is variable but often 3 is sufficient. However, there are cases of long term or multiple problems, which require work over a more extended period of time. Conversely, some people only require 1 or 2 treatments. The aim is to give whatever is required.

Do people need to come back?

Sometimes people need to come back for maintenance treatments to manage a chronic problem, or to reduce the possibility of hurting themselves again. Sometimes people choose to come back because it makes them feel good.

So how do I make an appointment to experience it for myself?

Click on the Bookings link on the left and follow the links. Alternatively, just call Christine on 0191 2847615 or e-mail her on christinefowler@yahoo.co.uk


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