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Angel Companions, Meditation Crystals & Other Items
I have 3 different Angel Companions. Each one consists of a specially programmed crystal which has a loop to enable it to be threaded onto a chain to be worn as an attractive necklace or bracelet. Alternatively, men may wish to attach them to a key fob so that they can carry it with them. Each stone is programmed with the particular energy of the chosen Archangel and so when worn, surround the person with a lovely protective supportive energy. Each one has a particular focus reflecting the special talents of the chosen Archangel. In addition to the above items I also have Meditation CDs, Healing-Magnets and Gift-Vouchers.

Archangel Gabriel:
is a perfect friend who always understands what you mean, and helps you communicate the true you to the world. The energy of Archangel Gabriel is complemented by the gentle soothing energy of the Snowflake Obsidian which will make you more receptive and sensitive towards your own and other's needs. The energy of this stone supported by Archangel Gabriel will allow you to recognise your mistakes, take them in your stride and learn from them. A perfect combination to enhance your inner growth.

Price £9.95

Picture of Cherub

Archangel Metatron:
will aid you in all your relationships with others and assist you in your spiritual path, walking with you as your true companion. The energy of the Mottled Jasper complements this perfectly allowing you to feel nurtured, energised and uniting all the different aspects of self-enabling you to become whole.

Price £9.95

Picture of Metatron

Archangel Raziel:
Archangel Raziel is the perfect companion for working with psychic energies. His special close connection with the Creator and his supreme knowledge about all things esoteric will assist and guide you. His knowledge and support will help you discover the hidden meanings in life and act as a catalyst in moving you forward. The Sodalite crystal supports this by bringing with it a thirst for the truth, the energy and drive to look for the truth, to act upon it and stand up for your beliefs.

Price £9.95

Picture of Cherub

Angel Meditation Crystals:
Angel Meditation Crystals (sometimes called Angel Meditation Stones) contain Angelic energies, which help you to connect to the Angelic Realm during Meditation. Carry them about with you at all times to strengthen your connection to the Angels. Each time you touch the stone, feel the cool calm energies of your Angels around you.

Price £2.50

Picture of Cherub

Dream Crystals:
contain energies specifically designed to promote a restful night's sleep by removing bad dreams and relaxing the mind and body. Place the crystals under your pillow before going to bed. Each packet can be used on a nightly basis for 1-3 months. The exact length of time they will remain effective will depend on the amount of negative energies they absorb from worries, emotional upsets and so on. To determine the exact length of time that they will remain effective for you just use your intuition. Alternatively you can dowse or muscle test.

Price £3.00 per single pack, £5.00 for 2 packs, £9.00 for 3 packs.


Archangel Michael's Sword:
These crystals are specifically designed to surround you and your immediate environment with a golden protective shield of energy provided by Archangel Michael's protective presence. This protective shield will protect you from absorbing your own, or another's, negative energies as well as keeping you free from psychic intrusion. For these crystals to absorb the negative energies which drain you, place them in a small bowl in your therapy room, or sprinkle them over the top of your door frames (front and back) to create a filter, preventing negative energies from entering your house. This also keeps them away from 'little fingers' if you have young children.

Price £3.00 per single pack, £5.00 for 2 packs, £9.00 for 3 packs.

Picture of St Michaels Sword Crystals

Astral Clear:
is particularly useful in clearing and protecting you from those disturbing or worrying psychic energies which require a strong effective remedy. Applications include:

  • Aura Cleansing: cleanse your aura of these more worrying energies that require a maximum strength essence,
  • Psychic Rescue Remedy: use neat on your wrists and brow, where it acts in auric rescue mode,
  • Space Clearing: effective in clearing unpleasant and uninvited psychic energies.

What clients say; "When I put my house up for sale I was getting nowhere, then I sprayed it with Astral Clear before the next people came, and I got 2 offers!"

Price £10.00 (15ml)

Picture of Buda With Astral-Clear Essences

Crystal Clear:
can, like Astral Clear, be used in plant sprays, in your bath or neat for:

  • Aura Cleansing: to cleanse your aura of day to day negativity, safely and easily,
  • Crystal Cleansing: use at least once a week for maximum effectiveness,
  • Space Clearing: effective in dispersing harmful energies, including even some entities and ghosts.

What clients say; "When I put my house up for sale I was getting nowhere, then I sprayed it with Astral Clear before the next people came, and I got 2 offers!".

Price £10.00 (15ml)

Picture of Crystal Clear

Gift to The Earth:
is an essence that both grounds and nurtures while promoting vigour and vibrancy for both you and your plants.

Price £7.00 (10ml), £9.00 (15ml).

Picture of Gift to Earth Crystals

Perfect Day at Staffa:
is an essence inspired by this small island standing in the remote Atlantic waters off Western Scotland. It is said to be etherically linked to the island of Iona, and acts as a transmitter of energy supporting the spiritual presence of that island. Standing alone, it weathers the worst Atlantic storms, emerging in the summer sunshine warm, triumphant and serene. Using this essence brings you the resilience to weather all emotional storms. It gives you the strength to stand alone, emerging triumphant into the warmth of God's unconditional love, leaving you feeling, serene and at peace. I have found it particularly effective at times of bereavement, providing gentle support when you need it most. Use it on your wrists to capture the sunshine of the sunny day on which it was made. Alternatively add it to your bath, or put it in your shampoo, to surround yourself in it's strength and resilience. Health Kinesiologists can also use it in P/OM, or Emotional SET:AD, SET:TOL, or any of the other corrections in which essences can be used.

Price £7.00 (10ml)

Picture of Staffa Essence With Angel

Christine Fowler's Meditation CD:
is both gentle and powerful. It has two tracks which introduce you to, and helps you to, meditate. The first track 'Meditation Grounding' contains an introduction that shows you how to begin meditating. Listening to this regularly will energise and balance you. The second track is called The Gift. Listening to this will take you on a magical journey to meet your Angel. At the conclusion of your meeting you will receive a gift from your angel. Sometimes the gift's message is very obvious to you but at other times it may give pause for thought as you unravel it's meaning. Whichever outcome it is, will be perfect for your needs.

Price £9.50(10ml)

Picture of Two Discs

Healing Magnets:
come in packs containing 3 small, disc shaped metal magnets (for size, see the picture of the magnet beside a £1 coin). They can be used extremely successfully for extended periods of time to facilitate healing of injuries, sprains, broken bones, aches, pains, etc. As body fluids flow past the magnet, minute electrical currents are generated which help to stimulate healing. South seeking polarity tends to slow down healing while North seeking polarity tends to speed it up. This is important because sometimes, with some fractures, slowing down the healing process allows the bone to re-grow stronger. All magnets come with instructions for use and are clearly marked to identify. North polarity.

£6.00 (per pack of 3)

Picture of magnet beside coin

Gift Vouchers:
can be made out to whatever amount you choose (the basic unit is £1 so just add the number you require at the shopping basket stage). They are are perfect for Christmas, Birthdays or just to tell someone that they are special. Each voucher is redeemable for a period of 3 months and can be used either for items on sale or for a therapy session. The latter can be either a conventional face-to-face meeting at my therapy room or it could be in the form of a telephone, or a distance session. The vouchers can be sent either to you or directly to the person who is to receive the gift. Just e-mail or call me with their details, together with with your own, when you want to place your order.

£1 upwards

Picture of Gift-Voucher
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